Court Ruling Supports Rights of Committeepeople

Early yesterday morning I received an another email from a friend and fellow Democratic Committeeperson, sharing historic news about a court ruling issued on June 3rd. The ruling supports rights of Committeepeople against unjust actions by a Ward Leader, my own.

Here is his email and the accompanying court ruling.

“I am pleased to announce that a Court Ruling issued on Friday, June 3rd  by Judge Ann Marie B. Coyle in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas represents a complete victory for the disenfranchised 22nd Ward committee persons, validation for the 22nd Ward Open Caucus, and a precedent-setting ruling for the advancement of the Open Wards movement in Philadelphia.

“The Court Ruling orders the Philadelphia Democratic Party Chairman Robert A, Brady and the Philadelphia County Democratic Committee  to “specifically direct the 22nd Ward Democratic Executive Committee, including its current Ward Leader Cindy Bass, to provide advanced reasonable notification to permit and promote attendance and full participation including voting of all duly elected 22nd Ward Democratic committee persons at all future meetings of the 22nd Ward Democratic City committee including the organizational meeting on June 6, 2022”

“The order also directs  City Councilwoman and 22nd Ward Leader City Bass  to “cease and desist from excluding duly elected members from attending and fully participating and voting of duly elected 22nd Ward committee persons in all future meetings” and to ” fairly distribute the normal election paraphernalia accorded to all its members” and to ” apply and govern with the referenced Robert Rules of Order to conduct its meetings and encourage civility among its members” and to be “civil and respectful of differing viewpoints of other members”

“I have attached the formal copy of the Court Order.

“Profound thanks to Carla Cain for her courage, to her attorney John Carnes in pursuing this legal remedy that sets a precedent that will reverberate far beyond the 22nd Ward, and finally to those of us enjoined in the 22nd Ward Open Caucus. Together we have demonstrated that given faith, determination, perseverance, and solidarity justice can prevail – even in Philadelphia.”

Special thanks to Maurice Sampson II, Philadelphia Democratic Committeeperson 22-06, and fellow member of the 22nd Ward Open Caucus for permission to share his statement.

A copy of the Temporary Restraining Order and Special Preliminary Injunction by The Honorable Anne Marie B. Coyle, Judge for the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas is available here.