Recently an outreach worker from the Department of Human Services in Trenton sent me several dozen brochures on a free service and website known as NJHelps.org. Like a few other programs I know of, it is a resource that many, many people don’t know about. If you work for a nonprofit or know of someone who needs government help, please read on.

In one place through NJHelps.org you can be screened for dozens of government programs.  As the brochure states now there is a convenient way to learn more about various assistance programs and see if you may be eligible.  The programs are in such areas as: food and nutrition, children and family resources, income support for adults, health insurance, utility assistance, seniors, people with disabilities, or employment and training.

By visiting the website at NJHelps.org and completing a 10 to 15 minute questionnaire you can learn if you might qualify for benefits. The state does not guarantee that you are eligible but the results are very accurate – assuming you provide the right information and answers to the survey questions.

NJHelps.org is a free service. Check it out.