Be a Poll Watcher for the Biden-Harris PA Dems Team

The following is an email message issued by a director of Voter Protection for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party which I’d like to pass along. Want to be a poll watcher on Election Day in Philadelphia?

Poll Observers will be the campaign’s eyes and ears on the ground throughout Philadelphia on Election Day. Responsible for monitoring a specific polling location and reporting any issues to the campaign’s “Boiler Room,” Poll Observers assist voters and help ensure that every eligible voter can cast a ballot. Poll Observers are the first line of defense against any problems that arise (e.g., long lines, ballot shortages) and any voter intimidation or confusion. Throughout Election Day, Poll Observers will be in close communication with the campaign team, who will provide direction and guidance and help troubleshoot issues.

As a Philadelphia voter, you are uniquely positioned to make a big difference by serving as an Inside Poll Observer (also known as a “Poll Watcher”), in which role you will be permitted inside the polling location you are assigned. Importantly, this will allow you to observe, report, and address what is happening beyond the walls of a particular polling place, where you will raise voter protection issues with Election Officials directly and work with officials and voters to resolve problems in real time. Note that only Philadelphia voters working on behalf of a party or candidate are eligible to play the critical role of an Inside Poll Observer on Election Day. You will receive a formal Poll Watcher Certificate that authorizes you to serve in this role.

Here’s what you need to know and how to sign up:

Time Commitment & Assignment: Ideally, you will be available from 6:30AM until 8:00PM or later on November 3. After completing the requisite training (see below), you’ll receive our Poll Observer Manual and additional information about your role.

Training: To become a Poll Observer you first need to attend an upcoming virtual training session, where you will learn the ins and outs of serving as a Poll Observer from the campaign’s Voter Protection Team – including an overview of the voting process and voters’ rights, what issues to be on the lookout for, how to handle various problems that may arise, and how you will report to and communicate with the campaign.

Sign Up Now! Training sessions are scheduled for Oct. 19, 21, and 22. Click here to sign up for a Poll Observer Training!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to Magdey Abdallah, Regional Voter Protection Director for the campaign.

Philadelphia Satellite Election Offices

Philadelphia City Commissioners today announced a series of Satellite Election Offices to open on September 29th with other sites to be added “on a rolling basis, as properly trained staff becomes available”, according to a notice posted on the City Commissioners website.

All the offices would be open 7 days a week, starting September 29th, remaining open through Election Day. The hours of operation are as follows: 11:30am to 6:30pm, Monday through Thursday and 9:30am to 4:30pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

At these Satellite Election Offices a citizen would be able to: register to vote, request a ballot, complete a ballot, return their mail-in voted ballot – all during one visit.


1 Center City City Hall Room 140 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd 19107
2 Far Northeast George Washington High School 10175 Bustleton Ave 19116
3 North The Liacouras Center 1776 N Broad St 19121
4 Northwest Roxborough High School 6498 Ridge Ave 19128
5 Southwest Tilden Middle School 6601 Elmwood Ave 19142
6 Upper North Julia De Burgos Elementary 401 W Lehigh Ave 19133
7 West Overbrook Elementary School 2032 N 62Nd St 19151

BillyPenn published a news story a few days ago with a great map of proposed locations.

The locations listed above are published on a page of the Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners.

Pennsylvania Voter Engagement Resources

The set of voter engagement links below was created on behalf of Philadelphia’s 22nd Ward Open Caucus in preparation for an online voter engagement webinar, titled, “Block by Block: Voter Engagement for Committee People and Block Captains” to be held today. See details below.

PA Online Voter Registration Application
Description: The preferred voter registration method but you must have either a PA Driver’s License or a PennDOT ID. Allows you to register to vote, change of address, name change.

Voter Registration Application – Paper Version
Description: Paper form to register, change address, name. Paper applications are also available in other languages.

Mail-in & Absentee Ballots Online Application
Description: Options: 1) apply online, 2) download paper application, 3) call Board of Elections. Problems? Call 215-686-1509.

Application for Mail-in Ballot – Paper Version
Description: Hardcopy paper application.

Find Your Voter Registration Status
Description: Search for your voter registration status with your name, Penn DOT Driver’s License or Penn DOT ID. Enter county, zipcode, DOB.

Find Your Polling Place
Description: Enter your residence address, assuming you are registered at that address. Otherwise, check your status using, “Find Your Voter Registration Status”. Problem? Call 833-728-6837 (833-PAVOTES).

“What’s In The Mail?” – How to Complete a Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballot – YouTube
Description: Step-by-step instructions on what you will receive with your mail-in ballot; how to complete and return your voted ballot.

Track Your Ballot Status
Description: To track the status of your application or ballot enter your name, DOB and county.

Voter Application Status
Description: To check on the status of your online voter registration application include your application number, name, DOB.

Are You Ready To Vote?
Description: A great landing page! Includes a link to Ready to Vote Toolkit with a treasure chest of social media goodies.

Stay tuned for other material to be shared at the Block by Block event.

Voter Engagement Weblinks

Here are voter engagement links I’ve been collecting since March and keeping on a sheet of paper.
A registered nonprofit organization. “Find everything you need to vote in our state election centers.”

When We All Vote
Michelle Obama is one of the co-chairs.

Join campaigns, find allies, take action. Download the app.

Philly We Rise
A resource for individuals and organizations.
FairmountVotes harnesses the volunteer power of neighbors in Fairmount, Francisville, Spring Garden and Brewerytown to increase voter turnout and build a more informed electorate.

Vote Tripling PAC
A Los Angeles-based nonprofit research organization that designs, tests & disseminates free behavioral science-based tactics that spark non-activists to get 3 friends to vote. They simply invent free tactics that amplify the voices of ordinary Americans. Vote Tripling is a pledge to get 3 friends to vote. Site for progressives only.

A non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy.

PADems Voting Center
A page with link to their Voter Protection Toolkit and their Voter Assistance Hotline 833-728-6837 (833-PAVOTES)

22nd Ward Open Caucus
It aims to strengthen and energize the Democratic Party by promoting transparency and democratic processes within the Ward; engaging in political action to increase voter information, registration, and turnout; and facilitating the exchange of skills and knowledge among committeepeople.

Office of the City Commissioners
Includes a link to download Vote From Home Flyer and tons of other useful information.

I Will Vote
Has a simple screen so you can make sure you’re registered to vote, then choose how you’re going to vote this year or call their voter hotline.
A quick link to apply for a PA mail-in ballot.

Shape Up the Vote
A non-partisan campaign to turn out the vote in 2020 by activating barbershops as voter engagement hubs in their communities.

Rock the Vote
The experts for registering young voters, since 1990.

Turn PA Blue
Actively working to turn the Pennsylvania State Legislature blue, district by district.

Vote for Homes Coalition
Since 1999, Vote for Homes! has registered more than 16,000 voters and mobilized thousands to vote.

Indivisible: NW Philly A local organization formed to resist Trump’s authoritarian agenda.

The Poll Worker Caucus This group is for poll workers and others who work to support the election and voting process in polling sites in Philadelphia and Southeast Pennsylvania.

Northwest Poll Workers Caucus A non-partisan space for poll workers in Northwest Philadelphia to gather and proactively identify and advocate for best practices in preparation for the November 2020 General Election.