Thinking of Running for Office?

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If you have ever wondered, “How did this bozo get elected?” the answer may be, “because no one ran against them.” We have a solution to that problem. You can run for office.

If you have ever thought about running for office, if you ran for office recently and need more guidance on governing, or if you just won a primary and need some help before the general – this free course may be for you.

This course, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, runs for 6 weeks, kicking off the week of June 14th and running through the week of July 26th.

For more information and to sign up:

Dare to Run Info Webinar – June 10th

Dare to Run, a nationally recognized 501 (c)3 nonprofit, educates and empowers women on their journey to public office at the local, state, and national level. Women candidates can participate in Dare to Run’s one-year certificate program as they pursue careers in public service. This info webinar covers the application process for their third leadership cohort which closes in August.

This webinar will be held on June 10th, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm ET. To register, visit:

Philadelphia Judicial Candidate Forum

Open Wards Philly-Meet the Judicial Candidates: April 20, 21, 22

Tonight I co-moderate the first of three Meet the Judicial Candidates, sponsored by Open Wards Philly. For purposes of disclosure, I am on the group’s Steering Committee and a member of their Communications Subcommittee.

The candidates forum will take place across three evenings on April 20, 21, and 22 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. The candidates running for Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia, which deals with a variety of consequential civil and criminal matters, will each speak for 15-minute segments to introduce themselves and field questions.

To register for the forums go to:

Judicial Races in Philadelphia: A Panel Discussion

The following information is based on an email issued by the group, Open Wards Philly. Note, I am a member of the group.

With local judicial elections coming up, Open Wards Philly invites you to attend their next meeting on March 9 for a special panel discussion on how judicial races really work and the importance of Bar Association ratings when choosing a candidate to support.

  • Judicial Election Panelist include:
    Steph Davis, member of the Philadelphia Bar Association Judicial Commission
  • Tianna Kalogerakis, Vice Chair of the Campaign for Qualified Judges, former president of The Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia and member of Judicial Commission
  • Matt Monroe, former Common Pleas Court candidate

Meetings of Open Wards Philly are open to any and all committee people, or aspiring committee people, who are motivated to make the party ward system fairer and more democratic.

To attend, complete the Register to Attend link on the Open Wards Philly website.