Philadelphia Voter Engagement

The intent of this page is to provide a number of documents, web links and guides so as to provide information to citizens, Philadelphia Committeepeople and those interested in voter registration and voter engagement activities.

Rules of the Democratic Party of the City and County of Philadelphia

Prior to being sworn in as a newly elected Philadelphia Democratic Committeeperson in 2018, I obtained an official copy of the Democratic City Committee Rules directly from the Office of the City Commissioners. According to law, county committees – Republican and Democrat – are required to furnish their local election board with updated bylaws, when adopted.

The Rules of the Democratic Party of the City and County of Philadelphia, time stamped March 31, 2014 by the City Commissioners office, is available for downloading here.

Precinct Committee Person Handbook

Precinct Committee Person Handbook 2017.2.0 is a publication of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party aka PADems. This version was obtained from their Harrisburg headquarters in June 2018, shortly after becoming a Committeeperson myself. It was shared with fellow 22nd Ward Executive Committee members and other “freshmen” Committeepeople in Philadelphia.

A link to this twenty-seven page handbook was previously included in a June 19, 2018 blog article, “From Resister To Philadelphia Democratic Committee Person”.

Websites For Philadelphia Committeepeople

First published online in June 2018, Websites for Philadelphia Committeepeople, is a collection of two dozen website links intended for the use of Democratic Committeepeople. It was created because approximately half of all the Democratic Committeepeople elected in the 2018 Primary Election were brand new .

There are links to online voter registration, paper voter registration forms, checking registration status, list of elected officials, ward leaders, elected committeepeople, Democratic Party organization websites, and a number of community programs.

If you would like a copy send me an email using the contact form.

Last updated: May 24, 2022

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