The purpose of this page is to provide a history and purpose of this website as it has been redesigned, renamed, and under a new domain name. The intent of the website, regardless of the name or location, has always been to serve as an information source so citizens can readily find and benefit from online information.

The site began in 1994 with the contact information of New Jersey legislators being uploaded to a Rutgers University website. The list was created as part of the first online effort in New Jersey to pass a bill, S1068, then pending in the state legislature. The grassroots effort to have all Assembly and State Senate bills posted online was begun by Paul Axel-Lute, a law librarian at Rutgers Law School. It was patterned on legislation passed in California in 1993. An S1068 Mailing List was created, based on similar efforts in California spearheaded by Jim Warren, a computer professional, columnist, and political activist. The New Jersey bill, supported by a coalition of groups, especially members of the New Jersey Library Association and Senator Nia Gill (then an Assembly member) won passage in 1995 after a two year effort. The result of the group effort, was the creation of the New Jersey Legislature’s website.

Realizing the power of sharing information on the World Wide Web, a personal homepage titled the New Jersey Energy Page was created shortly thereafter. It included links to state energy assistance websites, a set of links to New Jersey libraries already online, and a list of nonprofit organizations. In 1996 another page was introduced, providing information on New Jersey’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The website was renamed New Jersey Community Resources when other non-energy pages appeared on such subjects as elected officials, public libraries, community resources, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and rules protecting consumers against utility shutoffs. A blog was added in 2008 under the name of New Jersey Community Resources Blog.

In 2020, the contents of the New Jersey Community Resources website were transferred to the new website and under a new domain name. It has been renamed Michael Swayze’s Community Resources. The name change is due to the introduction of new pages covering Philadelphia politics and programs. Also, the new website contains both website content and blog articles dating back to 2008, all under the same site for the first time. Beginning in July, 2021 webpages located on the old website will no longer be updated.

Page created in 2008. Last updated: July 2, 2021.

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