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The 116th Congress convened on January 3, 2019 at noon. New members include: Jeff Van Drew, Andy Kim, Tom Malinowski and Mikie Sherrill. Van Drew has since switched parties, declaring his intentions at a December 19, 2019 meeting at the White House. The 116th Congress concludes on January 3, 2021.

New Jersey Delegation

Robert MenendezD202-224-4744
Cory BookerD202-224-3224
1stDonald NorcrossD202-225-6501
2ndJeff Van DrewR202-225-6572
3rdAndy KimD202-225-4765
4thChris SmithR202-225-3765
5thJosh GottheimerD202-225-4465
6thFrank Pallone, Jr.D202-225-4671
7thTom MalinowskiD202-225-5361
8thAlbio SiresD202-225-7919
9thBill PascrellD202-225-5751
10thDonald Payne, Jr.D202-225-3436
11thMikie SherrillD202-225-5034
12thBonnie Watson ColemanD202-225-5801

Pennsylvania Delegation

Bob CaseyD202-224-6324
Pat ToomeyR202-224-4254
1stBrian FitzpatrickR202-225-4276
2ndBrendan BoyleD202-225-6111
3rdDwight EvansD202-225-4001
4thMadeleine DeanD202-225-4731
5thMary Gay ScanlonD202-225-2011
6thChrissy HoulahanD202-225-4315
7thSusan WildD202-225-6411
8thMatt CartwrightD202-225-5546
9thDan MeuserR202-225-6511
10thScott PerryR202-225-5836
11thLloyd SmuckerR202-225-2411
12thFred KellerR202-225-3731
13thJohn JoyceR202-225-2431
14thGuy ReschenthalerR202-225-2065
15thGlenn ThompsonR202-225-5121
16thMike KellyR202-225-5406
17thConor LambD202-225-2301
18thMike DoyleD202-225-2135

Fred Keller won the May 21, 2019 special election to fill the vacant 12th congressional district seat in Pennsylvania. He was sworn in June 3. He joins other freshmen: Madeleine Dean, Mary Gay Scanlon, Christina Houlahan, Susan Wild and Dan Meuser, all elected in November, 2018.

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