NJ PA Congressional Delegations


The 118th Congress, 1st Session will convene on January 3, 2023 at noon with the seating and swearing in of new Members. For comprehensive reporting of Congress, visit the websites of the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and Congress.gov.

New Jersey Delegation

Robert Menendez (D)202-224-4744202-228-2197
Cory Booker (D)202-224-3224202-224-8378
1stDonald Norcross (D)202-225-6501856-427-4109
2ndJeff Van Drew (R)202-225-6572202-225-3318
3rdAndy Kim (D)202-225-4765202-225-0778
4thChris Smith (R)202-225-3765202-225-7768
5thJosh Gottheimer (D)202-225-4465202-225-9048
6thFrank Pallone, Jr. (D)202-225-4671202-225-9665
7thThomas Kean, Jr. (R)202-225-5361TBD
8thRobert J. Menendez (D)202-225-7919TBD
9thBill Pascrell (D)202-225-5751202-225-5782
10thDonald Payne, Jr. (D)202-225-3436202-225-4160
11thMikie Sherrill (D)202-225-5034202-225-3186
12thBonnie Watson Coleman (D)202-225-5801202-225-6025

Pennsylvania Delegation

Bob Casey (D)202-224-6324202-228-0604
John Fetterman (D)202-224-4254TBD
1stBrian Fitzpatrick (R)202-225-4276202-225-9511
2ndBrendan Boyle (D)202-225-6111202-226-0611
3rdDwight Evans (D)202-225-4001202-225-5392
4thMadeleine Dean (D)202-225-4731215-884-3640
5thMary Gay Scanlon (D)202-225-2011202-226-0280
6thChrissy Houlahan (D)202-225-4315no fax machine
7thSusan Wild (D)202-225-6411877-347-4103
8thMatt Cartwright (D)202-225-5546202-226-0996
9thDan Meuser (R)202-225-6511no fax machine
10thScott Perry (R)202-225-5836202-226-1000
11thLloyd Smucker (R)202-225-2411202-225-2013
12thSummer Lee (D)202-225-2135TBD
13thJohn Joyce (R)202-225-2431844-274-2077
14thGuy Reschenthaler (R)202-225-2065877-568-9261
15thGlenn Thompson (R)202-225-5121202-225-5121
16thMike Kelly202-225-5406202-225-3103
17thChristopher Deluzio (D)292-225-2301TBD

Last updated: January 3, 2023

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