Anti Democracy PA Legislators Letter To Congressional Delegation

Republican State Senators and Representatives, using crafty language, sent a letter to members of the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation, urging Congress to disregard the wishes of its voters when the Electoral College results are formally declared on January 6, 2021.

Sixty-four State Senators and Representatives signed the letter, dated December 4. They claimed the conduct of Governor Wolf and others underminded Pennsylvania election law. The signers closed their letter with the statement, “For these reasons, we the undersigned members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly urge you to object, and vote to sustain such objection, to the Electoral College votes received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”.

Assuming their news release is not quietly deleted, I urge you to read their letter to Congress at he Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus website.

Remember the shameful action by these sixty-four Pennsylvania legislators:

Seth Grove, Representative, 196th District
Kristin Phillips-Hill, Senator, 28th District
Judy Ward, Senator, 30th District
Mike Regan, Senator, 31st District
Dave Arnold, Senator, 48th District
Doug Mastriano, Senator, 33rd District
Joe Pittman, Senator, 41st District
Pat Stefano, Senator, 32nd District
Kerry Benninghoff, Representative, 171st District
Bryan Cutler, Representative, 100th District
Jim Cox, Representative, 129th District
Kate Klunk, Representative, 169th District
Torren Ecker, Representative, 193rd District
Bud Cook, Representative, 49th District
Frank Ryan, Representative, 101st District
Tina Pickett, Representative, 110th District
David Rowe, Representative, 85th District
Clint Owlett, Representative, 68th District
Ryan Warner, Representative, 52nd District
Aaron Bernstine, Representative, 10th District
Eric Nelson, Representative, 57th District
Kathy Rapp, Representative, 65th District
Doyle Heffley, Representative, 122nd District
Lou Schmitt, Representative, 79th District
David Maloney, Representative, 130th District
Mark Gillen, Representative, 128th District
Craig Staats, Representative, 145th District
Mindy Fee, Representative, 37th District
Jesse Topper, Representative, 78th District
Eric Davanzo, Representative, 58th District
Paul Schemel, Representative, 90th District
Cris Dush, Senator Elect, 25th District
John Hershey, Representative, 82nd District
David Millard, Representative, 109th District
Brad Roae, Representative, 6th District
Ryan Mackenzie, Representative, 134th District
Marci Mustello, Representative, 11th District
Lee James, Representative, 64th District
Matt Dowling, Representative, 51st District
George Dunbar, Representative, 56th District
Jonathan Fritz, Representative, 111th District
Rich Irvin, Representative, 81st District
Martin Causer, Representative, 67th District
Jeff Wheeland, Representative, 83rd District
Tim Hennessey, Representative, 26th District
David Hickernell, Representative, 98th District
Greg Rothman, Representative, 87th District
Brett Miller, Representative, 41st District
Dan Moul, Representative, 91st District
Keith Greiner, Representative, 43rd District
Thomas Sankey, Representative, 73rd District
Dawn Keefer, Representative, 92nd District
Donna Oberlander, Representative, 63rd District
Curt Sonney, Representative, 4th District
Mike Reese, Representative, 59th District
Mike Jones, Representative, 93rd District
Martina White, Representative, 170th District
Barbara Gleim, Representative, 199th District
Carl Walker Metzgar, Representative, 69th District
Perry Stambaugh, Representative-Elect, 86th District
James Gregory, Representative, 80th District
Michael Peifer, Representative, 139th District
Steven Mentzer, Representative, 97th District
Rob Kauffman, Representative, 89th District

Author: Michael Swayze

A retired county welfare agency administrator, who combines social work and computer skills to share information on community resources via the Internet since 1995. Active in voter engagement activities in Philadelphia, PA.

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