Be a Poll Watcher for the Biden-Harris PA Dems Team

The following is an email message issued by a director of Voter Protection for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party which I’d like to pass along. Want to be a poll watcher on Election Day in Philadelphia?

Poll Observers will be the campaign’s eyes and ears on the ground throughout Philadelphia on Election Day. Responsible for monitoring a specific polling location and reporting any issues to the campaign’s “Boiler Room,” Poll Observers assist voters and help ensure that every eligible voter can cast a ballot. Poll Observers are the first line of defense against any problems that arise (e.g., long lines, ballot shortages) and any voter intimidation or confusion. Throughout Election Day, Poll Observers will be in close communication with the campaign team, who will provide direction and guidance and help troubleshoot issues.

As a Philadelphia voter, you are uniquely positioned to make a big difference by serving as an Inside Poll Observer (also known as a “Poll Watcher”), in which role you will be permitted inside the polling location you are assigned. Importantly, this will allow you to observe, report, and address what is happening beyond the walls of a particular polling place, where you will raise voter protection issues with Election Officials directly and work with officials and voters to resolve problems in real time. Note that only Philadelphia voters working on behalf of a party or candidate are eligible to play the critical role of an Inside Poll Observer on Election Day. You will receive a formal Poll Watcher Certificate that authorizes you to serve in this role.

Here’s what you need to know and how to sign up:

Time Commitment & Assignment: Ideally, you will be available from 6:30AM until 8:00PM or later on November 3. After completing the requisite training (see below), you’ll receive our Poll Observer Manual and additional information about your role.

Training: To become a Poll Observer you first need to attend an upcoming virtual training session, where you will learn the ins and outs of serving as a Poll Observer from the campaign’s Voter Protection Team – including an overview of the voting process and voters’ rights, what issues to be on the lookout for, how to handle various problems that may arise, and how you will report to and communicate with the campaign.

Sign Up Now! Training sessions are scheduled for Oct. 19, 21, and 22. Click here to sign up for a Poll Observer Training!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to Magdey Abdallah, Regional Voter Protection Director for the campaign.

Author: Michael Swayze

A retired county welfare agency administrator, who combines social work and computer skills to share information on community resources via the Internet since 1995. Active in voter engagement activities in Philadelphia, PA.

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