Health Insurance Marketplace: Open Enrollment Begins October 1, 2013

Starting in less than two months health care consumers will be able to apply for health coverage through a new system created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You may know it by another name, Obamacare. Under the new law you can apply for or buy health insurance through a health insurance exchange. These “marketplaces” are they are sometimes called have been created for individuals and families who do not receive coverage through their employer or do not qualify for Medicaid.

Enrollment in health plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace starts October 1, 2013. Coverage starts as soon as January 1, 2014.

If you are a consumer ready to learn about and buy health insurance through the Marketplace, visit , the official consumer site for the Marketplace.

If you are a professional learning about the Marketplace or helping people apply, get the latest resources at the Marketplace at

You can learn more by visiting Health Insurance Marketplace’s Facebook
page. Be sure to “Like” them.

Additional information on the ramifications of the Affordable Care Act will be presented in the weeks ahead.

Author: Michael Swayze

A retired county welfare agency administrator, who combines social work and computer skills to share information on community resources via the Internet since 1995. Active in voter engagement activities in Philadelphia, PA.

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