Thank You Tilman Hausherr

Most of the posts that I write are about social programs or community resources. Today I decided it was time to thank someone for a gift he gave. There is a web developer by the name of Tilman Hausherr who lives in Berlin, Germany. In 1997 he created a freeware program titled Xenu’s Link Sleuth. The program checks for broken web links. I’ve been using it for years to check all the links on my website. So the other day I thought it would be kind to write him a check or send him some cash. Guess what, he doesn’t want payment! He gave a few options instead, so I decided to write this article and thank him.

You can go his website to download the program. It works great, btw. Or you can find it on the CNET download site. Additional information is available in a Wikipedia article.

I don’t know how I would keep my website’s 1800 links up-to-date if it weren’t for Tilman’s free program. Thank you, Tilman.

Pass it forward.

Author: Michael Swayze

A retired county welfare agency administrator, who combines social work and computer skills to share information on community resources via the Internet since 1995. Active in voter engagement activities in Philadelphia, PA.

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