Ecoman and The Skeptic

In these trying environmental times I want to pass along a favorite radio, correction Internet radio show of mine. It’s called Ecoman and the Skeptic and it airs weekly on the Green Talk Radio Network. There are several ways to listen to the show. Perhaps the easiest, at least for me, is to listen to them on my iPod while commuting to and from work.

Ecoman and the Skeptic are two professors from Philadelphia University’s Engineering and Design Institute. They are: Rob Fleming, an architect (Ecoman) and Chris Pastore, an engineer (Skeptic). Their show is informative, funny, and covers a wide range of topics dealing with sustainability.

You can check it out by visiting . Or you could visit the iTunes Store and download any of their three dozen shows via podcast. Another method is to go to The Voice America’s Green Talk Radio Network website and listen to Ecoman and The Skeptic live. Their show usually airs from September through April during the school year. I’m behind in my listening but I’m catching up by way of the podcasts.

If you want to learn more about what sustainability is all about this is a show to turn to. Me, I’m lucky I have a daughter and son-in-law who are in the field. BTW, if anyone is thinking about getting a degree in sustainable design go visit Sustainable Design blog belonging to Philadelphia University.

Author: Michael Swayze

A retired county welfare agency administrator, who combines social work and computer skills to share information on community resources via the Internet since 1995. Active in voter engagement activities in Philadelphia, PA.

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