Today Is EITC Awareness Day

Today is EITC Awareness Day, a day to promote a program of benefit to working families and individuals.

EITC is a tax program although it acts very much like a safety-net program. It puts over $1 billion in the hands (or checking account) of New Jersey residents each year. However, it needs publicity every year, too. About 25% of state residents do not taken advantage of the program at tax time, even though the average EITC tax credit is more than $2,000.

This year the Earned Income Tax Credit page of the New Jersey Community Resources website has had a major revamping. Easy to find links are listed below. Please do what you can to spread the word about EITC to working families, constituents, and co-workers.

Find a Location for Free Tax Help
NJ Free Tax Assistance Locations
Free Tax Site Locations in South Jersey and Philadelphia Area’s Get It Back Campaign
IRS’ EITC Assistant
Free File
AARP Foundation Tax-Aide
IRS Publication 596
Notice 1015 – “Have You Told Your Employees About the Earned Income Credit (EIC)?”
IRS Notice 797 – “Possible Federal Tax Refund Due to the Earned Income Credit (EIC)”
NJ Statement to Employees
NJ EITC Informational Flyer