Veterans Job Fair in Atlantic City – August 16 and 17

Less than two months ago New Jersey welcomed back from Iraq the National Guard’s 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team with a parade in Trenton and accompanying political hoopla. Little did some of our servicemen and women know that the world had changed during the 10 months spent thousands of miles away from their friends and families. Too many are now looking for a job since jobs have been erased in their absence.

A Veteran Career/Education/Service Expo, hosted by the state of New Jersey and The G.I. Go Fund, will be held on Sunday, August 16th from 9am – 5pm and Monday, August 17th from 8am – 11:50am at the Atlantic City Convention Center, 1 Convention Boulevard, Atlantic City.

The state is hosting the job fair for the almost 3000 New Jersey National Guard members (August 16) and for all other veterans (August 17). All employers, veteran organizations, college/trade schools, social service providers, and other organizations or agencies that benefit veterans are invited to attend. There is no charges or fees.

An exhibitor registration form is available online or by printing the form on the G.I. Go Fund website. It can be faxed to them at 732-377-8032 or via email to Alex Manis at For more information call their Veterans Transition Center at 973-802-1614.

To assist returning Guard members, other online resources include:
NJ Civil Service Commission Job Announcements, a listing of other job fairs, plus the location listing for employment service offices at the state’s One Stop Career Centers. Feel free to add your comments or other available resources.

Ten Ways To Change The World

A couple weeks ago my son Austin posted a list on his Facebook page. I thought it was so cool, so smart, and I was so proud of him, his intelligence, his spirit. With his permission I’m posting it here so others can read it too.

1. eliminate the idea of money
2. smile for no reason at a stranger
3. all food must be whole and organic
4. live alone for a whole year and journal every moment you feel inspired
5. a great education for anyone who wants one
6. spend more time with loved ones
7. don’t let yourself be consumed with the idea of material possession
8. tell people that you don’t know “you’re important and i appreciate you”
9. be positive even during the face of adversity
10. challenge your mind everyday

Missing Person Alert!!!

a lost soul

Dear Kind and Gullible Child of God:

I am sending this picture to you in hopes that you might have spotted this missing person. He was last seen on or about April 27, 2005 roaming the woods somewhere in the Northeast region of the United States. An amateur hiker who has also been diagnosed as “directionally challenged”, he has been known to wander off with a fanny pack containing nothing more than a wrinkled peach and a half-eaten Clif bar. He does not have the mental capacity to follow simple trail signs, so we are afraid he might be still rambling in circles in some tranquil wood with no food, water or shelter.

Please, please, help us to locate him. He answers to the name, “Hey, stupid!”. We desperately want him to come home, and have set up a donation fund into which we need to funnel money from compassionate (and very easily fooled) people such as you. Please forward this email to at least 700 people.

It is very easy to donate…simply give me the number and routing code for your biggest bank account and I will make a withdrawal. The amount is based upon our actual need at the time. Right now, we haven’t found anyone gullible enough to actually believe us, but we were told that you might be just the type of person we are looking for.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You are truly a child of God and we are certain you will be welcomed through the gates of heaven above when you are called by our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Hello world!

Hello, my name is Michael Swayze. This blog has been a long time in coming, too long. The purpose here is to share with you some of my thoughts and ideas, interests and concerns, with an opportunity for you to let me know what you think and feel.  Over time there may be a number of categories added to the blog, all expressing my interests.  Don’t be surprised if you see a mix of topics ranging from food or music to advocacy issues and politics, or a number of professional concerns as well.

To give you a little background – I’m a lifelong resident of New Jersey, a strong family man (no, I’m not a member of the Republican Party although I was in my youth), and passionate  about my work and interests. I consume my time with music and good food, work a lot, and devote my spare time to web surfing and maintaining a website known as New Jersey Community Resources.

Time for a beer. Catch you later.