Resistance, Part III

People of conscience change history. 2017 began as a movement of people fighting for Democracy all across our country. At first it was rallies and letter writing. It has since become more organized with amazing election results in Virginia and Alabama.

Earlier this year a list of Resistance and progressive groups were posted here and on my blog, titled Philadelphia Resistance and Progressive Groups and Resources For The Resistance. Today, a number of additional organizations and campaigns are highlighted. Working together we can make a difference.

Listed below are organizations worth joining or supporting. They are:

New Jersey groups that stepped up in 2017 include:

Below is a description of each group in their own words; and links to their social media sites.

ACLU of Pennsylvania. “The ACLU of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization dedicated to defending and expanding individual rights and personal freedoms.” Facebook Twitter

Citizens for Better Elections. “A nonpartisan Montgomery County, Pennsylvania group dedicated to promoting election security and efficiency in both our county and our state. Our mission is to ensure accurate, verifiable and secure elections.” Facebook Twitter

Committee of Seventy. “Learn how to run for committeeperson in May 2018. Nomination petitions are due March 6.” Facebook Twitter

Fair Districts PA. “Pennsylvania has some of the most unfair congressional districts in the country. Gerrymandered district lines weaken the power of our votes – and politicians are working behind closed doors to keep it that way. We all pay the price.” Facebook Twitter

Pennsylvania Together. “Pennsylvania Together is a statewide coalition of more than 100 grassroots resistance groups. Our members come together to build a better future for all, especially those who face oppression on a daily basis and now have reason to fear that it will be state sanctioned. Together, we resist racism, misogyny and fascism; advocate for policy change; increase civic engagement; reduce voter registration and turnout gaps; and demand accountability from our elected leaders to put people and planet first.” Facebook Twitter

Philadelphia 3.0. “Our mission is to bring new voices into the city’s political discussions. We want to support leaders in their efforts to make smarter and better policy.” Facebook Twitter

POWER. “Through the discipline of relationship building and the empowerment of everyday people, we hope to make lasting racial and economic policy change that benefits all.” Facebook Twitter

Sara Johnson Rothman for State Representative (151st District). “A former prosecutor, a school board member, and a mom.” Facebook Twitter

Swing Left. “It starts with the House. Don’t despair. Mobilize.” Facebook Twitter

Turn PA Blue. “Turn PA Blue is changing the political landscape in PA by bringing volunteers together to work outside the gerrymandered boundaries that divide us.” Facebook Twitter

Blue Jersey. “The voice of Progressive New Jersey since 2005.” Facebook Twitter

Mikie Sherrill for Congress (11th Congressional District). “Naval Academy graduate, Navy pilot, former federal prosecutor and mother of four – Mikie Sherrill is running to represent New Jersey’s 11th District in Congress to fight back against Donald Trump and to fight for our future.” Facebook Twitter

New Jersey Citizen Action. “NJ Citizen Action is New Jersey’s largest progressive citizen watchdog coalition.” Facebook Twitter

New Jersey Working Families Alliance. “New Jersey Working Families Alliance is a grassroots independent political organization fighting for a government that represents the needs and values of working families.” Facebook Twitter

NJ 11th For Change. “1643 days since Rep. Frelinghuysen’s last town hall.” Facebook

STAND Central New Jersey. “Join the fight for social justice, economic opportunity and basic human rights.” Facebook Twitter