2019 Philadelphia Democratic Primary Candidates

The election process works when voters are given information so as to make an informed decision. For this reason a 2019 Philadelphia Democratic Primary Candidates list has been published. The first step is knowing who are the candidates.

The list represents only declared candidates, those who have “thrown their hat into the ring”. The list covers only Democrats because Philadelphia is a Democratic town. Besides, I’m a Democratic Committee Person in the 22nd Ward. Why advertise the names of Republicans? Let the GOP make up their own list.

A new election cycle has started. Although the Primary Election is not until Tuesday, May 21, 2019, the process begins on February 19 when nominating petitions begin circulating. Candidates have a deadline of March 12 to submit their petitions. Then we will we know who are the official candidates.

Voters deserve time to study the candidates. They should not wait until Election Day to be handed a sample ballot by a campaign worker outside a polling location. Ward committees should know who all the candidates are so they can make their candidate picks. Endorsements should not be dictated by party bosses.

The source material for the list of candidates is derived from a number of sources. It includes: press releases from candidates, newspaper articles, social media announcements, even emails to/from newly declared candidates. The listing of local judicial candidates represents the hard work of Micah Mahjoubian and his excellent PhillyJudges.com website.

The list of candidates include the following offices: Mayor, City Commissioner, Register of Wills, Sheriff, Council-at-Large, District Council, Judge of Court of Common Pleas, Judge of Municipal Court, Justice of the Supreme Court, Judge of the Superior Court and Judge of the Commonwealth Court.

Please contact Michael R. Swayze with any additions or corrections to the 2019 Philadelphia Democratic Primary Candidates list.

Philadelphia Committee Person Class of 2018

A recent article indicates 1600 new Philadelphia Democratic Committee Persons were elected in the recent May 2018 Primary Election. It means that many – myself included – are looking for information, for resources, for tools to be able to get the job done. The purpose of this article is to provide a few resources that will make it easier for new Committee People to be effective.

Last month I began compiling a list of web links that would be useful as either bookmarks or as reference information during canvassing. The list of links eventually grew to cover such areas as: voter registration, election results, party organization websites, party bylaws and community resources. These website links are now available under the title of WebsitesForPhiladelphiaCommitteepeople2021.

The list of websites was started in an effort to find information on voter registration. The first two links allow you to print out a voter registration application or to register a new voter online.

The list includes the latest version of the Democratic City Committee Bylaws, often referred to as the City Committee Rules. Recently obtained from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is a copy of “Precinct Committee Person Guide & Resources” which I like to call “Precinct Handbook 2017.2.0.” Could someone explain why this twenty-seven page handbook is not readily available on the PaDems.com website? Or why the City Committee Rules are not available online either?

Please feel free to share the “Websites For Philadelphia Committee People” with others. Email me any suggested additions you may have. I am a Committee Person in 22-03 and consider myself to be a fellow member of the Class of 2018. Know of a good place to meet?