Judicial Races in Philadelphia: A Panel Discussion

The following information is based on an email issued by the group, Open Wards Philly. Note, I am a member of the group.

With local judicial elections coming up, Open Wards Philly invites you to attend their next meeting on March 9 for a special panel discussion on how judicial races really work and the importance of Bar Association ratings when choosing a candidate to support.

  • Judicial Election Panelist include:
    Steph Davis, member of the Philadelphia Bar Association Judicial Commission
  • Tianna Kalogerakis, Vice Chair of the Campaign for Qualified Judges, former president of The Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia and member of Judicial Commission
  • Matt Monroe, former Common Pleas Court candidate

Meetings of Open Wards Philly are open to any and all committee people, or aspiring committee people, who are motivated to make the party ward system fairer and more democratic.

To attend, complete the Register to Attend link on the Open Wards Philly website.

Pennsylvania Voter Engagement Resources

The set of voter engagement links below was created on behalf of Philadelphia’s 22nd Ward Open Caucus in preparation for an online voter engagement webinar, titled, “Block by Block: Voter Engagement for Committee People and Block Captains” to be held today. See details below.

PA Online Voter Registration Application
Description: The preferred voter registration method but you must have either a PA Driver’s License or a PennDOT ID. Allows you to register to vote, change of address, name change.

Voter Registration Application – Paper Version
Description: Paper form to register, change address, name. Paper applications are also available in other languages.

Mail-in & Absentee Ballots Online Application
Description: Options: 1) apply online, 2) download paper application, 3) call Board of Elections. Problems? Call 215-686-1509.

Application for Mail-in Ballot – Paper Version
Description: Hardcopy paper application.

Find Your Voter Registration Status
Description: Search for your voter registration status with your name, Penn DOT Driver’s License or Penn DOT ID. Enter county, zipcode, DOB.

Find Your Polling Place
Description: Enter your residence address, assuming you are registered at that address. Otherwise, check your status using, “Find Your Voter Registration Status”. Problem? Call 833-728-6837 (833-PAVOTES).

“What’s In The Mail?” – How to Complete a Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballot – YouTube
Description: Step-by-step instructions on what you will receive with your mail-in ballot; how to complete and return your voted ballot.

Track Your Ballot Status
Description: To track the status of your application or ballot enter your name, DOB and county.

Voter Application Status
Description: To check on the status of your online voter registration application include your application number, name, DOB.

Are You Ready To Vote?
Description: A great landing page! Includes a link to Ready to Vote Toolkit with a treasure chest of social media goodies.

Stay tuned for other material to be shared at the Block by Block event.