Information and Resources To Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit

The purpose of this article is to bring attention of the Earned Income Tax Credit – both federal and state – to New Jerseyans and to provide links to various EITC resources.

According to national statistics, about 20% – 25% of eligible households do not claim the EITC benefits. Those who go without this income boost can lose out on thousand of dollars in tax credits or refunds. For example, workers who earned too little to be required to file a tax return must complete a return to receive an EITC refund.

EITC outreach material is available from a number of agencies and organizations. They include:

Winter Termination Program Takes Effect Today

The Winter Termination Program – sometimes known as the “winter moratorium” – began today, November 15. It is a regulation issued by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and prohibits utility companies from shutting off electric or gas service to certain low income customers.

The following is part of a Customer’s Bill or Rights found on the BPU website. It reads as follows: “Winter Termination Program – If you are an elderly or low income customer having financial problems paying your bill you should request the company to enroll you in a budget plan in accordance with your ability to pay. You are required to make good faith payments of all reasonable bills for service and in return are assured of the right to have gas and electric utilities service from November 15, to March 15 without fear of termination of such service.”

Customers who receive any of the following public benefit programs are protected against utility shutoffs: Lifeline, PAAD, LIHEAP, USF, TANF, GA, SSI, or persons unable to pay their bill due to circumstances beyond their control. A person can request to be placed under “WTP protection” if they are in any of these categories by contacting their utility company. To take advantage of the WTP a customer should make “good faith” payments, enroll in an affordable payment plan, and apply for energy assistance benefits.

Additional information is available on the New Jersey Community Resources website on the following web pages: Winter Termination Program, NJ Energy Assistance Programs, and Avoiding NJ Utility Shutoffs.

Households who require the intervention from others should contact the Board’s Division of Customer Assistance at 800-624-0241, or Legal Services of New Jersey at 888-LSNJ-LAW (888-576-5529).