Lights Out For Earth Hour: Saturday, March 23, 8:30 – 9:30PM

For one hour the lights will be turned off in over 5200 major cities and towns in 135 countries worldwide as part of a global statement of concern for climate change and commitment to finding solutions to environmental issues.

For more information about Earth Hour, check out

Thank you Whole Foods for this socially responsible advertisement in my local store and for letting me use it to spread the word.

Environmental Christmas List

For the past year or more there has been a renewed sense of purpose in my household. Perhaps it had something to do with the presidential election, the odd weather, or a change in food habits. Put them all together and I have a list of wishes for the coming year.
1. Buy local.
2. Raise awareness of climate change, previously known as global warming.
3. Support for family farmers.
4. Reduction in the cost of organic food.
5. Reduction in the influence of the special interests – nationally, state, even local.
6. Elimination of poverty.
7. Support for mass transit.
8. Energy independence. A positive approach includes solar and wind power, energy conservation. Not “drill, baby, drill”.
9. Green power.
10. A continuation of the efforts started by Occupy Wall Street.
11. Making CSA a household name.
12. Parks available for all children.

Suggested reading material
1. Why Buy Locally Owned?
2. Climate Change and Global Warming
Chasing Ice documentary film
3. Family Farms, why family farms important
Farm Aid, more than just an annual concert
4. Why is organic food more expensive than conventional food?, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization
10 reasons organic food is so expensive, Fox News/The Daily Meal
5. Center for Responsive Politics
6. Half in Ten
Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey
Tri-State Transportation Campaign
8. National Center for Appropriate Technology
9. Energy Savers Guide, U.S. Department of Energy
New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, Office of Clean Energy
10. Occupy Wall Street
11. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. CSA – LocalHarvest
Bloomfield-Montclair CSA
12. How Cities Use Parks to Help Children Learn