Hello world!

Hello, my name is Michael Swayze. This blog has been a long time in coming, too long. The purpose here is to share with you some of my thoughts and ideas, interests and concerns, with an opportunity for you to let me know what you think and feel.  Over time there may be a number of categories added to the blog, all expressing my interests.  Don’t be surprised if you see a mix of topics ranging from food or music to advocacy issues and politics, or a number of professional concerns as well.

To give you a little background – I’m a lifelong resident of New Jersey, a strong family man (no, I’m not a member of the Republican Party although I was in my youth), and passionate  about my work and interests. I consume my time with music and good food, work a lot, and devote my spare time to web surfing and maintaining a website known as New Jersey Community Resources.

Time for a beer. Catch you later.